Making and understanding your first excel chart

Making a basic chart in excel is super easy. Suppose we have the following data of a retail store selling the following two product lines and their month-wise sales value in dollar terms.

We explain the simplest way of inserting the chart here, you will get more and more confident with charting as we move forward and may discover your own style of working with charts.

i. To begin with, ensure that column & row headings are in place (they let us identify the data and are a must for most of the graphs to make any sense), this is already done in this case.

ii. Select the whole data table, along with the row/column heading

iii. Go to Insert -> Click on relevant chart type in Charts section -> Click on the desired style of chart.

That’s it!

The final outcome is shown below:

Now just familiarize yourself with this for a moment. The 3 months’ data for Toys & ‘Office Supplies’ is shown as vertical columns on the chart. This layout makes a lot of sense and all of this is done through just few clicks. That’s the power & ease of charting with excel.

In our next tutorial we cover excel’s chart related terminology and the first few things that you would like to do to this chart (like Title, Axis Labels etc)